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      Company Profile

        Following guanhua electric Co.,LTD Was established in 1993,is a professional production LED semiconductor photoelectric device of high and new technology enterprise.Products exported to Europe,America and other countries and regions.The company introduced in Japan and Taiwan first-class production equipment and machines,with modern plant and office space,covering an area of 5000 M,has one batch to be engaged in professional experience of more then 10 of photoelectric engineers and professional technical personnel.And through the IOS9001 international quality management system certification.All the products of the company are thtoughthe SGS standards.

        The company quality pursuit of excellence and perfect,can according to the customer demand design design production,meet customer changeful product requirements,is our eternal service policy,and record this as the foundation and stop customers hand in hand to create the future together,grow together.This company products various types of LED device,the main products including LED digital tude, dot matrix,glowing tude,back light,and outdoor pixel module,and recent efforts in LED lighting products and high power LED the development and production of series.Our engineers customers can carry the most quick and professional arch applicaltion LED products design manufacturing services.Guanhua electric sincerely hopes that all friends cooperate with,is developing together with you!

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